At times, women who begin an induced medical abortion later choose they want to keep their pregnancy. This is not uncommon and is a woman’s choice. If she decides to keep her pregnancy, there is help. However, time is of the essence.

Calling the abortion pill reversal hotline at (877) 558-0333 is the best way to gain the immediate assistance you need!

How Does The Abortion Pill Reversal Work?

The Abortion Pill Reversal, or APR for short, works by providing a hormone that the first pill used in a medical abortion, called mifepristone, withholds from the pregnancy.

The deprived hormone is called progesterone, which is essential for a pregnancy’s survival. Without it, a pregnancy becomes nonviable as it detaches from the uterine wall.

Is The Abortion Pill Reversal Safe and Effective?

According to this study published by the National Library of Medicine, the treatment to reverse the abortion pill poses no threat or risk to the pregnancy’s health. Additionally, there is a high success rate with the intramuscular and oral routes, sitting between 64-68%.

The study states, “There was no apparent increased risk of birth defects. Conclusions: The reversal of the effects of mifepristone using progesterone is safe and effective.”

It’s also important to remember that the hormone given is also a natural hormone the body produces normally during pregnancy.

Where Can I Go To Learn More?

We welcome you to call us at 916.451.CARE (2273) or text us at  916.538.1097 to schedule with our center to learn more or get answers to our questions so you can receive the clarity you deserve.

If you regret your medical abortion, it may not be too late, and you’re not alone! Contact the abortion pill reversal hotline now and get immediate assistance to save your pregnancy.

Even if you’re unsure, we encourage you to call and speak with a representative who can answer your questions regarding this medication.